Blue Hole


Blue Hole is an area of hidden gems such as crystal clear water, beautiful Blue Hole Lagoons, stunning Waterfalls, and breathtaking cascade falls.


With Dunn’s River Falls being so packed by the thousands, a family of inspired tours guide ( The Taylor Brothers and Son) set out to find other domains so as to show their guest a more off-the-beaten less crowded tour. Where they could enjoy nature, the locals, and food that we eat as Jamaican. They listen to the cries of the customers and set out to discover more in their zone. This area as of the beats, no road to reach it but the expectation that it offered was an extraordinary one. With the advent of the internet and some primed young boys, the Blue Hole Exploded to the point where never seen before traffic was in our woods.


The extraordinary thing about this area is, the river has several lagoons or Blue Hole so to do the hike is a thrill you will never forget. In such a short time thousands of people have passed through the now World Famous Blue Hole in Cascade Jamaica.